NuevoStage: Booking Service for Bands

NuevoStage screenshot

Mashable refers NuevoStage as a Groupon for Concerts. NuevoStage is for bands who would like to book for gigs. The band will have to rely on “buyer participation” to get a gig. For instance, if a band will get 50 ticket buyers, the show will go on and the fans’ credit cards will be charged respectively. However, if a band will get less than 50 ticket buyers, the show won’t push through and the fans’ credit cards won’t be charged.

I’m not really sure what others would think about this. In the Philippines, bands form a production with their other friends (who are also members of a band) and perform in a venue where they usually share the earnings from the entrance fee.

I’ve also heard about “Pay to Play” where others would require for the band to pay so that they can perform in a gig. It has been said that the practice of Pay to Play began in Los Angeles, California circa 1980’s. While others were not required to pay to play, some would organizers would set a quota of pre-show ticket sales.

Others get a gig because of popularity while there are some bands that are underrated and would seldom get bookings. I know that Wessel (the one who created NuevoStage) means well but it seems to me that it’s quite synonymous to “Pay to Play”. What do you think?

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