NU107 Rock Awards 2009

UPDATED Click read more to check out an additional update for the NU107 2009 Rock Awards.

Me and Sha weren’t able to go to the NU107 Rock Awards. However, we were able to follow tweets of Karen Gino, Sleepwalk Circus, Francis Reyes and Toti Dalmacion and we were also able to listen to the radio. Some of those who I’m betting that will get the trophy have won.

Anyway, the last time I went to NU107 Rock Awards was ages ago. There was a typhoon then and I agree when Karen said that typhoons love the Rock Awards. It is because that for this year, there’s another typhoon that hit Metro Manila that coincided with the Rock Awards for this year.

As expected, Francis Magalona was included in this year’s Hall of Fame. How I wish I was there to see Higante being performed live.

Peryodiko at RockMed

Every band who has released a debut album would most likely root for the Best New Artist Award. Among the finalists, I felt that Peryodiko deserved to win the award. Peryodiko has a kick-ass line-up with a great set of songs. I was not surprised at all why Kakoy Legaspi won Guitarist of the Year. Kakoy Legaspi is our “guitar hero”. πŸ˜€

“Mornings and Airports” (by Sugarfree) won the Best Album Packaging (designed by InkSurge). I like the concept of Sugarfree’s album packaging. The back cover of the album packaging has listed the tracks as if you’re looking at flight schedules. As I browsed the inlay, I felt that I was looking at a passport.

Meanwhile, this year’s vocalist of the year is a tie between Up Dharma Down’s Armi Millare and Sugarfree’s Ebe Dancel. Both Armi and Ebe sings with passion. This is what I love about watching them perform live and even while listening to their songs in my iTunes.

Bipolar CD

Up Dharma Down’s “Bipolar” won the Album of the Year award. I was hopeful that Up Dharma Down would win the award and yes, I’m so glad that they did. “Bipolar” was released late last year and me and Sha were just some of those who went to their album launch. Anyway, I was also hoping for Up Dharma Down to win the Song of the Year for “Taya” but “Antukin” by Rico Blanco won the said award.

UPDATE: I just learned from Twitter (via Carlos Tanada – Up Dharma Down’s guitarist) have smashed his guitar on-stage. Check out this video to watch it. Check out more videos of the NU107 Rock Awards 2009 from inlovetochatmonchy.

As for the Artist of the Year, it was nice to hear that Rayms, Ely and Buddy presented this award on-stage. It would have been better though if Marcus Adoro was also present. Anyway, I like how they reminisced when Eraserheads have won in the past NU107 Rock Awards. It was indeed the time for Up Dharma Down to win the most coveted award.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s NU107 Rock Awards. πŸ™‚

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