NU107 In the Raw

I went yesterday at NU107 which is located at Ortigas. Yes, it was the most unusual thing to do on a Sunday evening. Paramita was there again for another interview for In the Raw. The first time that they were featured at In the Raw, there were only two of the band members present, but now, all of them were present with some of the family as Francis Reyes pointed out. If you were able to catch it, I was one of the voices who said hi On Air.

It was my second time at NU107. The first time that I went there was ages ago. That was the time when I delivered the goods so that I could get some tickets for the Alternativity 2002. Also, it was my first time to actually go inside the DJ booth.

Four songs of Paramita were played and these are: Panaginip, Dreamer’s Lullabye, Indefinite Transition of Perceived Realities, and Takipsilim. When we’re not On Air, Francis would tell us the text messages that came in like, “I love you Ria” and some question that is not related to the topic like what happened to Pantera’s former guitarist. Also, out friend Amica was putting on some lip balm every after 30 seconds for the entire duration of the interview which Francis noticed.

As for the interview itself, Francis asked questions such as the history of the band, the origin of the band name Paramita, and why Alsey (bassist) and Marco (guitarist) have their hair shaven-off.

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