Now Running On WordPress 2.0

I am now using WordPress 2.0 (see PTB article). What did I do? I first checked the compatibility of the plugins installed. I saw that Bunny’s Technorati Tags were included in the list but when I went to the page where I downloaded the plugin, it says that there’s an update in which the plugin should work well with version Duke. I deactivated my plugin and replaced the plugin with a newer version. As for the PhotoPress, I could not even find it in the list of plugins that are not compatible with version Duke. Again, I went to the PhotoPress site and found out that there’s a newer version that should work with version Duke. I deactivated the plugin and uploaded the files to my web server and I deleted the old one. Then, I deactivated all the other plugins and proceeded with the steps in upgrading to WordPress 2.0. After upgrading it successfully, I activated the plugins and it worked well. After exploring the WordPress 2.0 Dashboard, I could say that it rocks! The only thing that you should know is that you have to register at to be able to use the Askimet plugin since you need an API key for it to work even after activating it.

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