Nintendo Wii Night at Red Box

I haven’t played Wii for a long time and last night at Red Box was indeed a fun video gaming night. 😀 Yes, it was my first time to play boxing in Nintendo Wii (included in the Wii Sports pack). Wii gamers will be definitely enjoy playing Nintendo Wii at Red Box soon (available at selected rooms only). 🙂

Marcelle won the Best Costume for dressing up from Metal Gear as featured in Super Smash Bros. That was very clever and creative at the same time. 😀

Eugene and Sha played bowling. Then, when the nunchuk was attached to the controller, Sha and Hannah started playing boxing where Sha emerged as the winner. I also played boxing with Hannah where Hannah won the game. Markku and Fritz played boxing and Markku won the game. 😀

It was really fun playing the Wii and being a spectator at the same time. 😀

More Nintendo Wii Night at Red Box photos

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