Nintendo DS Experience

Last night, I joined GeekChorus in the Nintendo DS Nights at Mag:NET Bonifacio High Street. I had the chance to meet Gabe, JC Medina, the PhilMUG guy and his date and the one that I was able to beat in the last round of Mario Kart (sorry I am bad with names). 😀 Juned and Jayvee were there also. They’re armed with their Nintendo DS while I arrived there with my Sony PSP thinking that somebody else would bring PSP to a Nintendo DS Night.

I had the chance to play Mario Kart DS, Worms and some mathematics game (I forgot the title!). Mario Kart DS is for the racing plus Mario Brothers fan. I enjoyed playing it because you could get to choose the racing tracks. Also, it is not your ordinary racing game since you are not limited to racing. 😀 The steering wheel control is not hard also.

Worms is like Battle Royale (the Japanese movie). I was having a hard time playing it though since I really do not know how to control the targets and stuff. Thus, I was the first one who missed out the rest of the battle. 😀

The mathematics game is purely for kids stuff. It has the word edutainment written all over it.

Anyway, one feature of Nintendo DS that has caught my attention was the picto chat where you could chat with Nintendo DS users within your range (usual WiFi range). Instead of using a QWERTY keyboard, you use the stylus in writing the messages. However, I really do not think that Picto Chat would be practical for me since almost all of my friends (that I usually hang out with) that are into portable gaming consoles use PSP. Also, I’d rather socialize with my vocal cords. 😀

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