Nine Inch Nails Concert

NIN Concert in Manila 3

The long wait for the NIN concert is now over. The concert was held in Araneta Coliseum which I don’t think would really be appropriate for a rock concert like this but then again, I think that the location is a good choice because of the unpredictable weather.

I find it really silly to deposit umbrellas at the counter since it was not really listed on what items we should not bring inside. Maybe they’re thinking that if they allowed umbrellas inside, there will be a big umbrella fight. But who would throw their umbrellas anyway? It’s raining the whole day!!!

Upon reaching the patron area, I saw the beautiful setup. There are lights all over the stage (at the back and on top of the stage).

Then, Pupil opened the show and started with Different Worlds (from Beautiful Machines and it’s also included in the Wildlife: Special Edition). Someone sessioned with Pupil (the girl who’s with Electrico before). Then, Pupil played one more song after finishing their set list.

Afterwards, we patiently waited for NIN to start. And when the lights finally closed, we knew it would be a start of an awesome night. The entrance of NIN wasn’t really grand but one thing’s for sure, everybody was excited to hear them play live. Listening to NIN live is similar to listening to their album.

It has been a privilege for me to be able to watch them play live. Thanks to Splintr for the complimentary ticket. 😀

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