New Music Site: MusikLokal

I’ve stumbled upon a new Philippine music website called Musik Lokal. As a website designer/developer, I do not think that the website would offer a great user experience. However, as a music lover and a supporter of Original Pilipino Music, I know that they have good objectives in setting up the said website.

The website, as of this date, makes use of frames and the main content is cluttered inside it. Before you could even listen to the streaming audio, you would go over through a set of clicks. For instance, a Featured artist is on the Main Page. Then, you click on Read more. Then, you click on a button to view the playlist and click the play button to start playing the music. They could have done something like, put the playlist right there on the artist detail page instead of throwing out a pop up window. And beside each track could be a link to the lyrics or a tablature perhaps. Instead of clicking the View Photos, it would be nice to make the thumbnails “clickable”. 🙂

The User Registration Experience
It’s one hell of an experience. The buttons overlap with the frames that display the Terms and Agreement (my browser is Firefox I used the TAB key just to make sure to continue my registration. I do not see the need though of having two username fields for verification purposes. I would certainly understand if there are two email fields and or password fields but two username fields?

Anyway, the videos section of the website is powered by Clip-Share which is not free by the way.

DISCLAIMER: These are just my opinions and should not be taken personally. 🙂

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