New Layout

Introducing to you, the all new layout that looks good in Mozilla but not-so-good in Internet Explorer. I just tried viewing it with Internet Explorer at home and it sucks. There’s still a lot of fixing to do with its CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) code. The layout is based on Kubrick which is the popular default layout for WordPress 1.5. Thanks for the big help of Urban Girrafe’s tutorial.

The header that I used in this blog is made by yours truly with Adobe Photoshop. The bassist in the banner is a member of Moonstar88, the band that popularized Torete, Sulat, among others. The picture was taken also by yours truly at Fete de la Muzique 2003 at El Pueblo.

I changed the layout because I got tired of the usual header with pictures and all. This time, I want a fresh-look… something clean yet still with a rock-ish aura. And here’s the result. For the mean time, I’m still figuring out how to make it look good in Internet Explorer. Thus, for Internet Explorer users, please bear with its mis-aligned look for the mean time.

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