For the past two years, I have been bombarded by invites from friends and classmates who joined various networking companies. I could still vividly recall my first encounter. My first encounter was with some company selling multivitamins. My high school friend invited me at Ortigas. But I was not interested. Then, my second experience was with Forever Living. Back then, my friend invited me for a gimik. So, she set a place, and that was Robinsons Galleria which is five minutes away from the main office of Forever Living (located at Greenhills). I remember that the speakers were like from a Christian Fellowship and they would ask this question,

“Gusto nyo bang yumaman?”

Then the recruiters would reply in a lively voice,


Then, a big applause from the crowd would soon follow.

This particular scenario was like from the movie Feng Shui. My next experience is with the group Legacy for Life. Two of my friends texted me to join the Legacy for Life, then a classmate in College met up with me and I found myself at Starbucks Emerald Avenue listening to one of the members. Then just recently, a former classmate in College invited me at Nu Skin. He asked if I’m open into a part-time business and I haven’t had the slightest idea that he was introducing me to Nu Skin. He even said that,

“Here, you will learn to value money.”

However, my principles tell me otherwise. I believe that when I start working (not for a networking group), that is the time that I will truly learn the value of money. In networking, they all say the same things,

“Iba ito.”

Geesh. You are all the same.

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