Narda’s Reunion Gig

Narda Reunion Gig

Last Thursday, I went to Narda’s reunion gig with Ivan, Baby, and Sha. We were supposed to meet Rain somewhere in Makati before going to Saguijo. Instead, Rain went to Saguijo directly. Rain told me that the organizers were worried that there’ll be a few people who might be able to show up in the gig. However, I was confident that it was not bound to happen since it is Narda’s reunion gig and also because of the solid line-up (Ang Bandang Shirley, Taken by Cars, Us-2 Evil-0 and Pedicab. 😀

The first band in the line-up was Ang Bandang Shirley (under Terno Recordings). It was at Fete de la Musique that I was able to watch them the first time to perform live. They had a different line-up back then. If you haven’t heard them yet, just listen to their music at MySpace. 🙂

After Ang Bandang Shirley, Taken by Cars performed next. Their music is up-beat in a shoegaze/electronica way. My favorite tracks from them are Uh Oh (current single from their album that’s being played at NU107 and Neon Brights. By the way, their music video for Uh Oh is coming soon. 😉

Us-2 Evil-0, the third band in the line-up, performed a fun and a great set as well. Mich Dulce has the same energy level when I first watched her with Death by Tampon (an all-girl punk band). And of course, I was able to take a picture of a slight Brokeback Mountain type of scene. 😀

Afterwards, Pedicab performed (without Raimund Marasigan and RA Rivera). Pedicab’s music, as they have put it, is dance punk or what they call as “dunk music”. 😀 Anyway, since I was in front taking photos, I was one of those whom Diego Mapa approached (most probably because we worked in the same building before or perhaps because I was not taking photos of them when he approached me).

Lastly, Narda performed. This time, Ryan Villena was on drums and Jep Cruz was on synths. The last time that I watched them perform, Katwo’s hair was really short. 😀 It’s indeed great to see them again. Of course, Katwo was happy for she heard the audience singing their songs.

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