Narda’s Farewell Gig

Katwo getting emotional
Katwo was getting emotional in the middle of their first set in last night’s Nardamageddon

The last time I saw Saguijo jampacked was during Narda’s album launch for Discotillion (2nd and last album of Narda). And last night, again, it was jampacked. I went there last night with my high school friend Lili and my blogger friend Rain.

Other bands who performed with Narda are Ishi, Boy Elroy, The Dorques, and Switch. Narda had two sets in their farewell gig dubbed as Nardamageddon Day. They also launched the music video of their third single Gasolina from the album Discotillion.

To those who were not able to go to the gig, you missed a lot πŸ˜€ . It was my first time to see Katwo to get emotional and it was my first time to see Katwo to call her boyfriend to come in front and sing a song for him.

During the gig, some shirts were being given away last night and Rain won πŸ˜€ . Unfortunately, the size of the shirt is medium. He gave the shirt to Lili instead πŸ˜€ .

What will happen next?
Katwo has a new band and it is called Duster. I must say that it’s quite an all-star cast especially with Myrene (Sandwich and Imago) on synthesizer and Kris (Fatal Posporos and Cambio) on guitars. Tani and Ryan also has a new band and they call it Libido.

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