My Sweet Nephews love horror flicks

My nephews are cool. They are not camera shy, they can eat ice cream all-day long, they love horror flicks and they like the music that I listen to. If you look at this picture, you’ll notice how Lance fooled us by creating a rock on sign such that it will make us wonder if he’s trying to get something in his nose or it just so happened that it was there. I asked my cousin Joan to take the picture using my cam phone while we were at the reception of the christening of my Uncle’s daughter. I bet, if some of my friends will see that picture, they would accuse me for the nth time that they are my sons and I just passed the responsibility to my brother. What I also hate is that sometimes, strangers would actually mistaken me to be their mother. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a compliment or another one of those alarm clocks saying that you look like a mother already. And that sounds weird to me for they always thought my younger sister to be older than me.

Also, they are not only cool nephews. They are the sweetest even if sometimes they can be a bit hardheaded. As you can see on the picture, Justin was holding my hand while we were inside the car. And he did not let go of it until we get home. While he was holding my hand, he was saying to me that he wants to watch One Missed Call (another Japanese Horror flick) which he prefers to call Nginiig. Nginiig is a TV show with horror as its theme. They would all refer the scary stuff to Nginiig. It’s always like that. If they saw a scary house or a DVD that has scary designs for them, they would always refer it to Nginiig. They would also refer ghosts to Nginiig. At least now, they are not looking for movies with guns and terminators.

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