My Last Days in School

I’ve spent my last days in school, walking around the campus wearing a 3/4 sleeved blouse, a skirt, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Also, I claimed my toga and paid for the photo package. I guess that was the last time that I’ve set foot on the North and South Conservatory. After that, we went to the chapel near the Library for the Penitential Service and Meeting with the Chaplain. Again, I guess that would be my last time to visit that part of the school. Then, we went to the Alumni Office and got myself an application form for the Alumni Card which is also used as a license for bragging as told in an article that I’ve read somewhere. Afterwards, we went to the Waldo Perfecto Seminar Room for the meeting with the Dean. Unfortunately, he was not there and Vice Dean came to the rescue. I remembered the first time that the whole College of Engineering was gathered. We were so many back then. Now, only a few of the 54th ENG are left, the others marched ahead and some are still left. Then, after lunch break, we went to the Main Chapel for the Baccalaureate Mass and I guess that was the last time that I sat in one of the pews, and walked its perfectly polished floor made of marble. After the communion, the awarding ceremonies began. I was one of those whose names were called and requested to come in front and get the medal. And that single piece of gold medal was my 5 years of hard work, and sleepless nights. But that single piece of gold medal is not my end-in-mind. If you study and set your long term goal as to graduate and to have that medal, then something is wrong. I did not have sleepless nights and worked really hard for a piece of gold medal for it’s readily available in Recto anyway.

After that we went to the Conservatory again for our Batch Picture taking. Then, we went to the Sports Complex for the Graduation Practice. Our graduation practice is indeed memorable because our venue was the 6th floor of the Sports Complex–a parking area. I guess that would be my last time to set foot on the Parking Area at Sports Complex. I guess that would be my last times, but it will not be my last time if I’ll become a professor there…

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