My first day

My first day at work was certainly fun and challenging at the same time. I arrived there really early which is actually better than arriving late. And it was quite embarassing that I even asked the guard how the time card is punched. And so, he did it for me and good thing there were no other employees except for the guards themselves. If other employees saw it, they would have easily concluded that I’m new in the corporate world which is also like spotting a freshmen at college (and it was hell easy to spot one). Even though I had my OJT for a year, there were no time cards involved. We would just write on a paper what time we arrived at the office and even had lunch breaks longer than one hour. And those were the days where the idea of a flexible time existed. In my job, there’s no such thing as a flexible time. Nevertheless, I love it and for my first day, I really learned a lot.

Not only that, I also made new friends there. We are the ultimate YB gang where all the girls in the group would have their Vitamin C sessions while the guys would just sit there with us and have a casual conversation. The YB gang was made official after our first Vitamin C session together and that was after we had our lunch at the cafeteria. At first, I thought that the food were overpriced until I was able to read the label “calories”. And that was my first time to encounter such since most would usually put the price on the other side.

Well, this is just the start of me being an official corporate slave wearing business attire and having an 8-hour work daily which could be extended if needed. I guess some of my friends could not picture me in a business attire since I’m the type that would usually go out in a ragged look. However, I look good with a business attire so I have no problems with that. Hehe!

I’m looking forward to another day’s work. Maybe because I have just started and maybe if the Hell Week comes I’d be wishing that I’m still studying. Hehe!

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