My first 5 minutes or so of Fame

Darna in the Misadventures of Maverick and ArielMy first five minutes or so of fame on TV might be airing tonight (if not tonight, next Saturday perhaps) at ABC5, 10pm. The TV show is the Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel and it’s the Bora episode, which is their post-summer special offer. Expect to see me and my sister at their segment about Henna tattoo in which they featured Skintura. The picture on the left is taken after the shoot where you’ve just seen the ultimate design for Darna afficionados.

The History Behind It
Me and my sister were just sitting near the shoreline as the production assistant of Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel approached us. She asked us if we know the show and she asked us if we can be a part of their Henna segment. Me and my sister said yes since she promised us that it won’t take long.

The Story
Me and my sister were walking along between Station one and Station two. Then, Maverick called our attention. He said he has a new henna tattoo design but it’s gonna be a surprise and so, my sister do not have the slightest idea of what’s the design. He asked my sister where she wants the henna tattoo to be placed. She said at the back, near the waistline. After that, the design was shown to me and then there goes Maverick, putting henna tattoo on my sister. The funny thing is that, the design is still unknown to her. Hehe!

Then… CUT!!!

After that, the henna tattoo artist at Skintura reworked the Henna tattoo that Maverick put on my sister.

Then… ACTION!!!

The camera was on the roll again as Maverick unveiled the finished henna tattoo at my sister’s back. Then, he gave her an advice.

“Wag kang kakain ng bawang ah. Sibuyas pwede pa. Yung garlic kasi mabilis maka-exfoliate ng skin.”

After that, he gave her a big stone as he said,

“Lunukin mo itong bato, sabay sigaw ng DARNA! Hindi ka nga lang lilipad katulad ni Darna. Kapag ginawa mo yan… bibilis ang pagtuyo ng Henna tattoo mo.”

Watch out for this segment, it will be really a hilarious one. Hehe!

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