My Cousin’s Wedding

My sister Claudia, Me, and Kuya Jay at Fernwood Gardens, QC at the wedding of our cousin Joemar.

After having a 3-hour long exam at Ortigas, I went to the wedding of my cousin which was held at Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City. I arrived late and I have not witnessed the Bridal March. I asked if Mom has brought her camera with her and she said that they left it at home and that already screwed my chance for joining the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Canon Photo Contest. The place of the wedding (Saint Francis of Assisi Chapel) was decorated with flowers. At the right side of the altar, there is a pond with falls where the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi was located. And I missed taking the photos of such a wonderful place and such a momentous event. By the way, the picture above was taken using my brother’s camera phone.

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