Muziklaban Rock Challenge: Astig ng 2006

Muziklaban Rock Challenge Astig ng 2006 (front)

Another review of a compilation album that I contributed for Titik Pilipino is also online at their website.

The Review

Ten original songs from the ten finalists of Red Horse Muziklaban 2006 are showcased in this compilation album released under Viva Records. The ten finalists included in this album are Hardboiledeggz, Kamia, Pepe Pilar, IMO, Mad Clown, Black Heaven, Punchmint, Smoke Free, Descant Gott and Treadstone.

The highlight of this album is the 2006 Grand Champion Hardboiledeggz with the song Grace (track 1). I’m not even wondering why they became the 2006 Grand Champion of the Red Horse Muziklaban 2006. Their musical arrangement for their original composition is notable. The song is not predictable unlike the other songs in this album. One Minute of Silence by Kamia (track 2) would be easily appreciated by those who are into emo punk.

Tumakbo by Pepe Pilar (track 3) is the mellowest of the songs in this album. This song is also the one that would surely give you a last song syndrome and would easily go into mainstream because of the universal theme of the song and this could also be attributed to the simplicity of its lyrics.

The heaviest sounding song in this album is Dejected by IMO (track 4). Growls are heavily emphasized in this song by vocalist Miguel Rogacion. Next to track 4, LARO by Mad Clown (track 5) is another heavy sounding song with elements of rap and metal combined. Growling is emphasized in the chorus which makes the song quite predictable. However, the most notable heavy song in this album is Forgotten Paragon by Descant Gott (track 9). The musical arrangement has surpassed my expectations.

Hanggang Kailan by Black Heaven (track 6) somewhat reminds me of the Power Rangers theme with its lead guitar riff.

Other predictable songs in this album are Tara na Bai by Punchmint (track 7) and Let Me In by Smoke Free (track 8). In spite of Tara na Bai’s predictability, I’d like to commend the lyricist of this particular track for having able to come up with a socially relevant material.

Falling Calling by Treadstone (track 10) is injected with influences from Danzig and Razorback. However, the intro of this particular track reminds me of Indefinite Transition of Perceived Realities (a song by Paramita from the album Tala).

The Red Horse Muziklaban Rock Challenge Astig ng 2006 will surely be enjoyed by those who have a diversified taste in rock music.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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