Most Irresistable Twins

Most Irresistable Twins Week 3

My nephews won in the week 3 of National Geographic’s in the Womb Twins Contest. The photo above was the one submitted by their Mom. 🙂 I was in Autodesk Solutions day when I became aware of the voting and I was not able to vote for them due to the lack of internet access there.

Here’s the story submitted:

I breast-fed my twins when they were still babies. Twin A was on the left and Twin B on the right. Then one day when it was time to breast feed them, they were crying and looked uncomfortable. I tried supporting them with pillows but it did not work. I was really having a hard time. When I noticed that Twin A was on my right and Twin B on the left. Out of curiosity, I tried switching them back to their original position, which is Twin A on the left and Twin B on the right. To my surprise, they nursed. It was remarkable knowing that they have their own preference on which side to nurse.

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