Mobbstarr and Somedaydream at Coke Music Studio

Mobbstarr and Someday Dream Coke Music Studio - 10

It’s the first time I’ve heard of Somedaydream while Mobbstarr has been around in the music scene for a long time. Have you heard the song “Itsumo”? Yes, they are the hip-hop group behind that song.

Somedaydream and Mobbstarr will be mashing up the songs “Delivery Boys” (by Somedaydream) and “Eargasmic” (by Mobbstarr). Having heard both of the songs in YouTube, I think that they won’t have much a hard time doing the mash-up. The song “Eargasmic” is like a combination of hip-hop, electronica, R&B while the song “Delivery Boys” is electro-pop. However, the tempo of the both songs are way different, so I guess that part could be challenging for the both of them.

About Mobbstarr

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Mobbstarr is a hip-hop group formed in 2002. They were first known as Dice and K9. Mobbstarr is composed of Dice, Chaz, Jay and Hi-C. They are the ones behind the LSS-inducing song “Itsumo” which have hit the mainstream. In 2006, Mobbstarr won the award Best Rap Song of the Year for their song “6 in Tha’ Mornin’”. Check out interviews of Mobbstarr at:

About Somedaydream

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Somedaydream is a synthpop (or electro-pop) project of Rez Toledo. Somedaydream’s first single was released in 2011 and it’s entitled as “Hey Daydreamer”. His latest single, “Delivery Boys”, was released in August 2011. Check out the interviews of Somedaydream at:

“Delivery Boys” and “Eargasmic” Mash-up Review

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I actually like the arrangement of the “Delivery Boys” and “Eargasmic” mash-up. In addition, it does not sound like a typical medley. What I just don’t like is the performance itself. There were some parts that were sung off-key. I’m sure you have noticed that if you were able to watch it. I do hope that they have a studio recording of their mash-up. Or better yet, Mobbstarr and Somedaydream should have more mash-up collaborations together.

Mobbstarr and Someday Dream Coke Music Studio - 16

Here’s the mash-up performance of Mobbstarr and Somedaydream:

Check out the backstage photos of Somedaydream and Mobbstarr here:

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