Miss Simangot and The Story of the Lost Gravy

After running a series of tests for our thesis last Wednesday, me and my thesismate headed for KFC to have our usual late lunch. The line was short and so I was excited to order and take my lunch already. However, as the one in front of me walked away from the counter and as I took my turn to order, the lady in-charge, let’s call her the name Miss Simangot, had an expression on her face that was not appetizing. Miss Simangot took my order and continued to look like as if the whole world is against her. She did not even bother to ask if I want a hot and cripsy chicken or the original recipe. In fairness, I got a big slice.

After paying, I went to our table and put my food there. Then, I went to the condiments area and got myself a spoon, but then, there was no fork yet. Thus, I called the attention of a KFC crew nearest to me and signalled that there was no fork. It seems that they have a bottleneck in washing the forks. After waiting for a minute or two, I got back to my seat and started eating.

The experience of eating KFC Meal Number One with loads of gravy on your plate would certainly be a great experience. So, I called the attention on one of the crews and asked for gravy politely. But then, the gravy was stuck somewhere. They deliberately ate their hearts out while having loads of gravy while the other customers suffer from gravy starvation. As soon as I had my last bite, I saw the crew that I called for gravy rushing to the table beside ours. And with that, it is as if that particular scene was teasing me. And if the people near us knew that I was waiting for the gravy all the time only to find out that it will be coming a little bit late after my last bite, they might say, “Pang-asar yun noh?”

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