Milenyo has truly lived up to his name. He spelled destruction with less effort and he did it in just one blow. Some electric cables fell off from the post which is why I am here at Netopia today and not blogging from the hills of Paranaque. Last Thursday, I was about to go to work because it was announced that there will be Signal Number One and that Grade School students won’t have classes. Then, I got an SMS from my officemate saying that it was Signal Number 3 and that there’s no work. And so, I just stayed at home along with my siblings. The only form of entertainment that we had are a deck of cards and the mini radio that is battery-operated because there’s no electricity. We just played Tong its and Pusoy Dos. We then listened to the AM Radio and looked for stations discussing about electricity. We came across a station and it announced that by 6am (on Friday) 50 percent will have their electricity restored. When I woke up, I checked if we were part of the 50 percent. Sad to say, we’re not part of them. The other half will have their electricity restored in 45 hours and that should be tomorrow.

Going to office is like going to an obstacle course. A lot of trees fell down. While I was walking from Greenbelt to our office, the park there looked like a jungle. It’s as if I’m an Amazing Race contestant with the objective of going to the office making sure that there are no leaves attached on the sole of my shoes. Rada Street is in complete disorder with trees lying on the road. The glass of the photocopying store near Mini Stop broke. The tree smashed it or maybe because of too much pressure. Good thing was, there are metal grills preventing further destruction of their office equipment.

Last night, lots of people are withdrawing from their ATM. I even have plans of withdrawing but changed my mind because of the long lines. A lot of people are inside the malls. In Glorietta, I guess it’s still powered by generator yesterday since not all lights were turned on and the aircon is not that cold. There are some establishments inside the mall that are lit by candles. Coffee shops are also filled with people last night. The other 5 to 10 percent of those inside the coffee shops have their laptops with them. I hope that electricity will be restored as soon as possible and that everything will just go back to normal.

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