Mighty Mace: Especially made for Bad Elements

I’ve been to Ace Hardware at SM last week to check out the pepper sprays available. Unfortunately, I have few choices where the one that I bought is Mighty Mace and the other one that I would like to call as “pepper spray” (read it in an eeny weeny voice to create more impact). Mighty Mace is twice bigger than the “pepper spray” and it is 100 bucks lower. The only thing that I could find cute about the “pepper spray” (aside from its breath spray like size) is the noticeable leather casing. Apparently, it’s pink and it’s funky. However, Mighty Mace won my heart not because of the price but by the words written like, “Use it for Other Bad Elements”. Well, aside from the notorious “other bad elements” listed, there are also muggers, holdappers and many others are included.

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