Metro Basketball Tournament Website

Please do check out the Metro Basketball Tournament Website. I actually have gone through several major layout revisions before being able to come up with the final one. The final layout is clean, bandwidth friendly and easy to navigate. The logo and some banners (i.e. splash page banner, Hoop Wars banner). I designed all the other graphic elements found in the site. The news section of the site is still a static page. However, I’m coming up with a simple content management system for that. And yes, it’s going to be written in PHP and database is MySQL. Team Standings under the On Going League page is waiting to be updated.

The Photo Gallery of MBT site is powered by PixelPost. I hacked the Paged Archives addon such that titles of the images will also be displayed together with the thumbnails. And for that to display properly, a little CSS tweaking was also needed. Thanks to this particular CSS float tutorial.

UPDATE: is offline. I guess the owners of the website forgot to renew the domain or probably stopped the acquisition of web development, design and hosting services.