I’ve been really sick for some time. Right now, I’m just recovering from a slight fever. When I told some of my friends about it, they said, “Meningococcemia?” Geesh! They just have the Meningoparanoia. For them not to have the Meningoparanoia, thinking that all they know who has fever, they should visit DOH’s Primer on Meningococcemia. I also learned from one of my friends that I haven’t talked to a while that she was hospitalized. She said she had a fever, and some rashes and blurted out that, “but it’s not meningo”. And maybe she thought I was one of those who have the Meningoparanoia.

Before, there was the SARS scare, the bird flu, etc. And now, here’s Meningoparanoia and Meningococcemia. Meningoparanoia are the ones who would suddenly blurt out, “Meningo?” if they were told that their friend has a flu or even just a slight fever.

I’ve become unproductive because of the fever that I’ve had. The only progress that I made is that I was able the whole disc 2 of Friends Season 3. And it brought me closer to the race since my brother stopped at Season 5 because there’s no Season 6, 7, 8, and 9 yet. But we already have the Season 10.

I hope I can do something more today other than watching TV.

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