Mendoza – Dionisio Nuptials

I cannot believe that my cousin Joan is already married. I was still surprised by the sudden turn of events. It’s surprisingly unexpected for she is the only girl and the youngest among the three children of Tito Jun and Tita Malou. Actually, her older brother is the one that we’re expecting to be the next one to get married. When I saw my cousin Joan got off the white car, a typical color of a wedding car, with some flowers (which is another way of saying that I am getting married or already married) on it, I felt like as if I was in a dream. But it’s real, the flash of the cameras continuously flooded on her and she walked the aisle with the instrumental from My Sassy Girl as her background music. As she was walking towards the altar, there was a bubble thought in my mind saying, “This is real… This is real… This is happening… This is not a dream”.

When I was inside, it occured to me, last year, I was also here, and the only difference was that last year, the bride was not our relative. Also, my nephews, Justin and Lance, were part of the Bridal entourage. Both of them were ring bearers. They looked like Shaolin kids in Barong Tagalog. It’s a good thing they’re not like the other kids who just run around just because their parents or their yaya is not walking with them. Also, my sister had a special participation. She’s one of the secondary sponsors. And if you’re asking if it’s the veil, the cord or the candle, it’s the candle. It’s actually appropriate for her to be the candle (not actually become a candle as in like the one from Beauty and the Beast) since she has glowing big eyes like flashlights.

The reception was also held at Fernwood Gardens (like that of last year). And because of our experience last year of waiting for so long just to get out of our seats and attack the buffet table, we were strategically seated. We were not near the buffet table but since table numbers are called in a manner from 1 to and a number greater than 1, we seated somewhere that is close to table 1.

A lot of dishes were served. There’s lasagne, lechon baboy (typical part of the menu), mongolian barbeque, fish fillet, chopsuey, and others (a term that I use if I cannot remember exactly how it’s supposed to be called). While we’re having dinner, the programme started. However, I was not able to finish the programme because I wake up early to go to work. Nevertheless, the wedding seemed to be prepared and organized well that it won’t seem that the preparations were made at a short span of time. Congratulations to Joan and Tope!

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