Meeting BB Gandanghari

BB Gandanghari

Rustom Padilla is dead spread all over the internet via blogs, YouTube, social networking sites and microblogging sites. With the death of Rustom, Bebe Gandanghari was born. During the blogger’s meet-up hosted by The POC at mag:net Bonifacio High Street, me and Sha did live-blogging there. Sha was in-charge of the text, while I took photos. 😀

BB Gandanghari seems to be an interesting person to talk too aside from showbiz and film per se. Sha and Mark asked interesting questions and I applaud Mark for being honest about his thoughts before and that he has become more open-minded.

I was not able to throw in a question but if I was able to ask her a question, I would have said:

I see that you have profiles set up on various social media sites, in what way will you empower change through it? How will you handle detractors (such as bigots)?

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