Mars Ravelo’s Darna

DarnaDarna is Mars Ravelo’s answer to William Moulton Marston’s Wonder Woman. Just look at their respective costumes and you will understand what I mean. Darna is like Wonder Woman injected with a Pinoy twist by incorporating the use of a magical white stone that could be likened to the popular ‘agimat’ that is widely used in the films of Lito Lapid. The white stone then, being swallowed, and some sort of an open-sesame type of password must be uttered first so that she will become Darna. Like any other superhero, Darna has her alter-ego, Narda, where cryptographers can use the name Darna to uncover her real identity. Darna has a mission, like any other human being that is uhm… gifted with a white stone, and that is to save the world not from cavities but from evil, a cliche that is.

After the successful release of the Darna comics, 14 films of Darna followed. These are:

  • Darna, May 31, 1951 Royal Films
  • Darna at ang Babaing Lawin, Aug 15,1952, Royal Films
  • Si Darna at ang Impakta, June 27,1963, PPI
  • Isputnik vs. Darna, Aug 12,1963, Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions
  • Darna at ang Babaing Tuod, April 14,1965, Premiere Productions
  • Darna at ang Planetman, Jan 18,1969, Vera Perez Productions
  • Lipad, Darna, Lipad!, March 23,1973, Sine Pilipino
  • Darna and the Giants, Dec 22, 1973, TIIP
  • Darna vs. the Planet Women, Dec 25,1975, TIIP
  • Darna Kuno?, March 30,1979, Regal films
  • Bira, Darna, Bira!, June 15, 1979, MBM productions
  • Darna and Ding, Feb 8,1980, D’ Wonder Films
  • Darna, Dec 25,1991, Viva Films
  • Darna, ang pagbabalik!, June 9,1994, Viva films

And now, Darna, can now be seen on your TV screens where Angel Locsin plays the lead role. I’ve seen some scenes awhile ago and I must say that I’m not that impressed with the computer graphics of Darna. The flies looked so… hmmm… digital. It does not look natural at all. But I’m still impressed with the costume of Darna and the efforts in incorporating 3D animation for this series. It’s production is relatively better than the old Darna films especially if you saw the Darna vs. The Planet Women. However, it’s obvious that it’s better because the 3D animation was non-existent during that time. But I would love to see the Darna and the Planet Women filmed again.

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