Making a la Puss in Boots face

My nephews and Carol was discussing earlier about how they are good in swimming. It’s like one of those “payabangan ng lolo” sessions but they are really referring to about themselves. They are really funny. They were even demonstrating it. For instance, they were doing the popular shark swim style. In my childhood days I usually do that one. Well, almost all are doing the shark swim style as a joke. Then, they were asking Mom to go to our Uncle’s house so that they could swim. Then my Mom said yes and they were screaming their hearts out, “YEHEY!” while they were jumping. Then, when my brother arrived my nephews told him that they wanted to go swimming. However, their excitement was turned to frustration when he would not let them swim. Afterwards, Justin was all quiet and was making ala Puss in boots face. With that, my brother gave them the permission to swim at our Uncle’s place.

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