Looking for the lyrics

When we do not know a title of a song that we just heard, and the only thing that we remember is a couple of lines from the song what we usually do is to use a certain line of that song as our set of keywords in searching for lyrics in the internet. While I was browsing where my readers came from, they were searching for “umuwi ka na baby ko lyrics”. I just found out that this is just another case of misheard lyrics. I just scratched my head and said to myself that there is no “ko” after “umuwi ka na baby”. Surely, there is “ko” somewhere in between Hanggang Kailan by Orange and Lemons.

Thus, the next time you do not know the title of the song and the only line you could remember is “la la la la”, do not bother searching for it using any search engine. Trust me, you do not want to have a headache. 😀

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