Look Alike Celebrity?

Look Alike Celebrity
Clockwise from top: Me, Neve Campbell and Monica Keena

Want to know who’s your look-alike Hollywood celebrity? Just check out Analogia. All you have to do is to click the link, wait for the page to load and submit a gif or jpg format of your photo. Then, a dialog box will prompt you to click the center of your right eye and another dialog box will prompt you to click the other. Choose Male if you want to know who’s your male celebrity look-alike or choose female if you want to know your female Hollywood counterpart. For the finale, just press the Submit button. You will be then directed to a new page and three pictures of Hollywood celebrities will appear. The answers were all based on artificial intelligence. They have a certain algorithm where they used the centers of your left and right eyes and look it up in their database. The algorithm that they have developed must be really complex.

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