Long Vacation

I just filed a 3-day leave from work. And that is due for the 27th of December up to the 29th. It’s a good thing that I do not have any pending work to accomplish. One of those days will be spent at the World Pyro Olympics and I’d really want to go there and watch the awesome fireworks and take some photos. This time, I’ll be bringing my tripod with me but I will still experiment with the Big-Bang-Theory-like shots in which the quick release plate will come handy. I’m hoping to go there with my Taft-based squad buddies since we haven’t seen for the longest time. Maybe, before going there, we could drop by first at Starbucks Blue Wave since we haven’t seen Shey for quite some time.


This is nothing to do with my forthcoming plans of going to the World Pyro Olympics. It has been a while since I saw my friend Connie. The last time I saw her was a year ago. I bumped into her at Coffee Bean at Greenbelt and she’s a barista there. I guess it was her first day since she was being oriented as I have observed just recently. Still, I cannot believe that one of my drinking buddies way back in college was going to be surrounded with lots of coffee instead of beer. I could still vividly recall how she could manage to drink and still go to class. Haha! Of course I do not drink during break time. It’s against my principles.

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