Live blogging at Yehey! Urbandub Chat Event

Urbandub at Club Dredd
Urbandub at Club Dredd last year

I’ve been a fan of Urbandub ever since I heard their single “Come” on the radio. When I heard that they’re going to play at RockRadio at Alabang (which already closed), I went there on a Monday night (yes, I have classes the next day), to watch them play and buy their album. πŸ˜€ When it was my first time in Cebu, I checked if they have gigs during the time of my visit there. It was nice to see them there but I was not able to watch the gig since I think we went to the wrong bar. LOLz.

Urbandub just arrived with Frank and their roadie. πŸ˜€

Urbandub Chat Event at Yehey office

me: regarding the upcoming album, you already have material for it?
Gab:marami na rin…we’ve been writing alot…
Gab: we’re excited na nga to record the new material…
John: we have ideas that we started on na.. that’s why we need to go home to just sit on them and furnish the details..
Gab: but seriously, this album is gonna be a fun one! inspired kami lahat magsulat kasi ngayon

3:36 pm
me: how’s the gig scene in cebu city? I would love to know how is it different from the gig scene in Manila
John: cebu is really small and closely knit
Gab: the music scene in cebu is having a hard time now…there are alot of good bands pero konti lang ang venues
John: manila is big and varied when it comes to music genres.. plus points is that they have most of the media so bands here get more exposure

3:42pm – Interesting question asked by one of the chatters here
dubista4ever: urbandub, for your next album, what stories would you like your lyrics to convey? for the past albums kase more on heartache, etc
Gab: good question!
Gab: actually, we’ve thought about that…i think i’ve been writing lyrics with more socially relevant themes this time…

me: Will there be a possibility to have a collaboration with Franco Reyes on your next album?
John: possibly maybe…
Gab: i’m actually getting franco to be my vocal producer for next album…

3:58pm – my browser crashed. argh!
me: How do you guys react when they say that you sound like a foreign artist?
According to Gab, he’s flattered but he’s hoping that they would be proud of them.

I just asked Urbandub if the concept of their music videos were their ideas. They said yes. They really have good concept in music videos, especially the most recent ones.

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