Let’s Write Our Own Spamifized Letter

Make sure that you are from West Africa. If you’re really not from West Africa, just pretend to be someone from West Africa. Then, pretend to be from some bank with a high position in the Auditing and Accounting Section. Let them know that you are seeking some financial assistance and that you got their contact information on the American Embassy there. To make things more believable, just name some Mr. or Mrs. Cruz or Mendoza or any surname that is so common. Then, make up a story of a person who died in a plane crash and they were having a hard time looking for the relatives. Do not forget the mention of the amount deposited in the bank (something around 10++ Million USD) since the higher the amount, the more the person will be tempted to reply. Then, asked the supposed receiver (the supposed next of kin to the deceased even if he’s not related by 6 degrees or so) of this DIY Spamifized Letter his name and contact details (includes complete mailing address and phone number). Assure the person that the transaction is 100 percent risk free and that you’ll get a 30% of the stated amount which serves as the accomplice’s fee. Do not forget to tell him that this should remain as a top secret or you will send your goons armed with M-16’s to hunt him dead or alive. And please, do not use weird email addresses for you will be suspected as a spammer. Then, forget about the You Won the Lottery subject heading. A one-word subject will do (e.g. urgent, emergency, etc.).

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