Last Minute Gift Ideas this Christmas

People tend to procrastinate every Christmas season where they would do some last minute shopping. So for those who are running out of ideas what to give this Christmas, here are some tips:

For a blogger who loves to laugh and read
Kuwentong Tambay by Nicanor David, Jr. (aka batjay) will surely give joy to every blogger (even those who are not bloggers). This book will certainly make you laugh even if you are alone.

For a web developer geekazoid
A web developer should appreciate any For Dummies that is related to web development. Since AJAX is commonly used in developing rich internet applications, an AJAX for Dummies books is certainly a great gift.

For the ultimate music lover
Any music lover should appreciate any mp3 player. A Samsung Yepp, an iPod or any mp3 player by Creative will do. Just do not give an iPod imitation. 😀

For an OC type of person
A planner is something that an OC type of person should have. If you have the budget to spend on coffee, get the Starbucks planner. But if you have limited budget constraints, you could always go to National Bookstore and grab one there.

For the ukay-ukay fashionista
Since ukay-ukay don’t have any gift checques to offer, 300 bucks is already enough to buy stuff from ukay-ukay. Don’t forget to put the money in an envelope. 🙂

For those who need a total overhaul
A plastic surgery in Miami will do. It’s costly though. 😀

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