Last Day of the World Pyro Olympics

Rizal Day

The last day of WPO was held during Rizal Day (December 30). When I arrived at Blue Wave it seems that all the people are there. Jollibee and Petron is really crowded. The road going to the SM Mall of Asia has been converted into a parking space. When I got at the Esplanade, it seems that people are having an excursion there where tents were pitched. Some even brought their own mats that they use for picnic.

The two sets of fireworks are from Team UAE and the Fellowship of Mancha. I’ve seen amazing fireworks for that night but it seems that the fireworks display of UK is better than that of Team UAE.

IMG_5034 IMG_4984

Team Australia won the first World Pyro Olympics. I haven’t watched their fireworks display but I was able to see some pictures of the fireworks of Team Australia.

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