Kwento Pop by Blue Ketchup

Blue Ketchup's Kwento Pop

I was just surfing at Titik Pilipino to check if some of the reviews that I submitted to them are online already. I just saw my review for Kwento Pop (Blue Ketchup’s debut album).

The Review

The title of the album, Kwento Pop, is very much suitable as the songs in the album are just like a compilation of short stories injected with soothing musical arrangement. The theme of the music in Kwento Pop is love in general and something that everybody can relate to. The album cover design and illustration were created by John Ed de Vera and Kwento Pop is indeed evident in the album artwork. In the front cover, it’s as if Lola Basyang had just finished telling stories. Other artwork in the album is somewhat similar to the illustrations from fairy tale books.

In their band profile, it says that APO Hiking Society and Labuyo have a strong influence in their music. But after listening to the album, I think that True Faith could have had some influence in their music. Listen closely to how their music sounds and how it was arranged. Some of the songs in the album are upbeat while some are for slow and easy listening.

Kwento Pop is Blue Ketchup’s debut album released under Viva Records. The album contains 14 tracks where two of which are cover songs namely Ale (Track #14), also covered by The Bloomfields in their debut album and Kamusta Ka (Track #12), a Rey Valera original. The cover made by The Bloomfields in their album was more interesting because of the sound effects added. However, I commend Blue Ketchup for the smooth backup vocals mixed with the main vocals. In addition to that, the arrangement was well done. Also featured in this album is Paano featuring Rachelle Ann Go.

Bro (Track #3) is Blue Ketchup’s answer to the current popularity of bossanova in the local music scene. However, the humor injected in this song makes it the best choice to become the band’s first music video.

If you are into music that’s for easy listening, then I recommend this album to you.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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