KROQ Acoustic

My friend Ron will be going to the KROQ Acoustic. And the line-up consists of: Chevelle, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Hoobastank, Incubus, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Social Distortion, Sum 41, The Used, and Velvet Revolver. It’s one hell of a line-up but then, his in the USA and I’m in the Philippines. In my entire life, I haven’t seen a foreign act yet. I’m so curious about how they are like performing live because it is indeed different if you are just going to listen to your audio CD or downloaded MP3. Anyway, KROQ Acoustic is a Christmas special which is something like to NU107’s Alternativity. But, I am not sure if they do this for the benefit of so and so and for entertainment purposes as well. I asked him to take pictures so that I could have a glimpse of the event.

If ever we will be going to the US next year for a vacation, I must watch one gig there. Hehe! Even if it’s not a big event. I just wish that we will go the state where Ron lives so that I could get free tickets. Hehehe!

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