Kris Kringle Tip #1

We have this “Monito Monita” (or Kris Kringle or whatever you call it) in the office. We’re having Something Glossy for tomorrow and the price should be worth something 50 Pesos. But in times like this (that is for the sake of the Christmas spirit amidst the state of the Philippine economy), would you care to spend 50 Pesos and beyond? Would they know that it is 50 Pesos worth? Would they know that it is recycled?

What is something glossy? According to Dictionary.Com, glossy is being referred to as ” Having a smooth, shiny, lustrous surface”.

Without further ado my friends, listed below are my gift ideas for something glossy.

1. aluminum foil (optional: bundle it with a sandwich)
2. cellophane (optional: bundle it with yema or polvoron)
3. old FHM magazines for the guys and old Cosmopolitan mags for the girls
4. an ultra blurred picture of you that is printed on glossy paper (for those who want to be future detectives)
5. specially made origami using art paper (for those who is appreciative of art)
6. a letter inside a box wrapped with foil
7. a blank CD recordable or DVD recordable

Care to add something here? Hehe!

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