King of Filipino Action Movies passed away

The last time I heard about Fernando Poe, Jr. is that he was confined in a hospital after collapsing in a party. Also, he fell into a comatose. After seeing the YM status of my friend, I immediately checked it at Inquirer Online to confirm the news. And yes, it is indeed true. FPJ, otherwise known as The King, died at the age of 65. He is known for playing the lead role in the film Ang Panday.

After hearing the news, I have come-up with some what-if questions. First, what if FPJ won in the elections? Then, Noli de Castro would become the President. Or, other things may happen such as a military junta.

Second, what if Susan Roces will vie for any position in the next elections? I think that she will win just like Loi Estrada who got sympathy votes since Erap was thrown out off office.

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