Kids Say the Funniest Things

My brother tagged along his cute sons at their basketball game one time. Again, they would have another set of quotable quotes for that day.

“Ninong natumba ka. Talo ka.”

They thought that if you fell down at a basketball game, you lost that game already. I guess they were just exposed to Boxing too much. Hehehe.

“Daddy, di ka naka-shoot. Di ka pala marunong eh.”

Hehehe! Who said that all NBA players shoot 100 percent FG’s? It’s just like this, nobody is perfect. No one in this lifetime has the ability shoot 100 percent FG’s.

“Gusto ko magbasketball. Pero gusto ko lang tumakbo. Ayoko mag-shoot.”

It was one of Lance quotes where I’d be having deja vus of watching The Incredibles. Maybe he should try track and field if he does not want to shoot. Hehehe!

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