KFC and McDonald’s in China

KFC in China

On our trip to the city earlier, our main goal was to shop for something to bring home. But before that, we had a taste of what KFC in China is like. KFC in China is different from the ones in the Philippines in a lot of ways. First, KFC in China has a menu with Mandarin and English translations. Second, KFC in China do not serve rice. Third, they do not have chocolate mousse and brownies for dessert. Fourth, the French fries that they serve there are the typical French fries like the ones you get to eat in a typical western fastfood. Lastly, instead of serving coleslaw, they serve corn and vegetable salad.

McDonald's in China

As for McDonald’s in China, I haven’t observed that much difference. I guess they do not have Burger McDo, Longganisa Meal, Chicken McDo Meal and McRice Burger. These are just the obvious differences that I can think of.

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