Julie & Julia

Who would think that there would be a movie where bloggers would really relate to? This is actually the first movie that is based on a blog. 🙂 Julie & Julia is a story of a blogger, Julie Powell, who aimed to cook 536 recipes in 365 days which was intertwined with Julia Child’s story when she started her cooking profession.

Amy Adams portrayed the role of Julie Powell while Meryl Streep portrayed the role of Julia Child. Hearing Meryl Streep laugh in the movie would instantly remind you of Julia Child. 🙂

I like how the movie showed the actual screenshot of Julie Powell’s blog. I tried reading the first blog post that she wrote was not edited too from what I remember in the film. The last blog post she made there was when Julia Child died.

I find the movie inspiring and entertaining at the same time. I find it inspiring because of she was able to meet the goals she set and entertaining because of how the way Meryl Streep portrayed Julia Child. I find the movie appetizing as well that we decided to eat after watching it. 😀

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