Jeepney Bloopers

Perhaps, the worst thing that one might have experienced in riding a jeepney is not to be able to get off where one should. Another one of course is riding the wrong jeepney and you’ll later find out that it will not pass by the place you’re supposed to go to. More trivial bloopers would be sleeping in a jeepney with your mouth open. Certainly, it won’t be trivial if there’s saliva flowing from your mouth 😀 . What I have mentioned are just the common things that one would may have experienced in riding a jeepney.

But have you ever encountered someone who was sitting in the back of the jeepney and tried to go out near where the driver is seated?

Mixed reactions like this one (see photo below) may possibly arise.

Umaga (Justin's version)

I could just imagine my nephews saying “Hala sige..” just the way grandma would say it. 😀

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