Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour

Jack Daniel's Global Music Tour tickets

We went to Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour last Friday and thanks to Cris of Revolver for the tickets. 😀 It was sad though that my battery died after the set of Corporate Lo-Fi. It was my first time to watch them and I’m impressed. 🙂 Plus, Nyco Maca with Cynthia Alexander on-stage collaboration was really good. It was my first time to see Nyco Maca live while I saw Cynthia Alexander years back in Fete dela Musique.

Jack Daniel's Global Tour

They raffled off a guitar with Jack Daniel’s logo.They also raffled off a trip to Singapore for the Global Music Tour that will be held there. Actually, these prizes were not drawn during the event, I think they’re pre-drawn since there are already names written on the cue card that I saw. 😀 In addition, mp3 players were raffled off.

I tried recording some stuff there however, it didn’t came out good. So, I decided not to upload it since it was not even decent enough to do justice on how Cynthia Alexander + Nyco Maca sounded on-stage. 🙂

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