It’s a Fire Dog Year

The year 2006 is the Fire Dog year. In SM Makati last Saturday, everyone was panic buying of candies that will be placed on each of their center tables at home. They say that it’s a sign of good luck. Then, everyone may have received a tikoy from a friend or got their own tikoy and eat it during midnight of the Chinese New Year. So why you should eat tikoy first? My brother told me that we should eat tikoy first so that luck would stick to us. And all of these has brought me back to the memories of the movie called Feng Shui where the Billboard Star slash game show host slash Hello Kitty lover is the lead actress. Furthermore, it has lead me to the funniest bootleg DVD of a horror movie that I’ve seen. Once again, it is the film Feng Shui where bottles of Red Horse beer caused the death of Lotlot de Leon who is born on the Horse Year. In that bootleg cover that I was pertaining to earlier, I’ve seen Kris Aquino smiling as if she’s hallucinating that she’s in Game Ka na Ba where as she’s supposed to be fearing of Lotus Feet. That really got me laughing. I’d be all the more glad to hunt down the most unusual bootleg DVD covers in town. I tell you, once you see one, you’ll look for more. And also, it’s a great way to release stress. Hehehe!

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