It was Pay Day

It was pay day yesterday. And upon seeing the deductions, reality just hit me so hard that bringing packed lunch is not optional anymore but it should be a must. I remember the days when I was still a student and during that time, packed lunch was not in my vocabulary. It’s actually different when you yourself earned it. When I was still in college, I was a scholar and my parents were my sponsor. They pay me (represented by my allowance) to go to school and to finish college. It’s funny how we are too excited to graduate, get a job, and earn on our own and then take back what we said and just wish that college was a lot longer.

I remember when I got accepted at my first job, I said to myself that I’ll be treating my parents, my brother and my sister out for dinner after getting my first paycheck. Of course I was not able to do that yesterday since I do not prefer going out on a weekday.

More deductions are expected from my net pay this time since it’s billing period once more and I have to pay my cellphone bill. And by the way, I have good news. Let’s say goodbye to bandwidth exceeded errors. I upgraded my account! Woohoo! Hehe!

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