Island Hopping and Snorkling

Crystal CoveAnd the best way to say that you went to Boracay without actually saying it is by getting a tan or worst, a sunburn. However, it’s better to explore the nearby islands and go snorkling. On the first day that you’ll be arriving to Boracay, you should look for a boatman (bangkero) first. If you’re 4 to 6 people in a group, the usual rate for the boat rental for 3 hours is 1,500 bucks. The standard package includes island hopping and they would ask an additional amount if you would want to go snorkling (rental of goggles). Better yet, bring your snorkling gear with you. The places that you’ll be going to are Crystal Cove (requires a payment for the entrace which costs at 75 pesos for the adult and for the kids rate, don’t ask because I was not able to remember that), Crocodile Island (snorkling area – snorkling fee costs 20 bucks each) and Puka Beach (crystal clear water without the green algae). After making the deal, have it scheduled on the following morning around 8am or 9am.

Crystal Cove
My Sister at Cave OneYour first stop will be at Crystal Cove. The attraction there will be the two caves named cave one and cave 2. If you have your camera with you have your picture taken there as an evidence that you really went inside the cave. Aside from picture taking, you could take a little dip at the cave to freshen yourself up. Aside from the two caves, you would also see other animals there like birds and monkeys. The monkeys were not situated inside a cage like that of the Manila Zoo. As for the birds, I’d rather go to Fernwood Gardens and look at the swans and at the multi-colored birds there. I would also have to warn you that you should put sunblock first before your island hopping trip because there are few shaded areas at Crystal Cove. And to prepar yourself for the walk, just bring a mineral water with you. If you have fear of heights and falling, it’s either you go to Cave 2 or just wait for your other companions at the exit.

Snorkling at Crocodile Island
Being able to go snorkling at Crocodile Island will be one of your most unforgettable experiences. You’ll be able to see the beautiful corals and a school of fish of different species. If you have an underwater camera, don’t waste your opportunity of taking pictures while snorkling. With the underwater camera, you do not have to identify if it’s Nemo (a clownfish) or not. But if you really love fish such that you know each specimen and how does it look like, then you’ll appreciate more of the knowledge you’ve incurred by watching The Animal Planet, Discovery Channel or National Geographic or from the books that you have read.

Puka Beach
Puka Beach is called such because of the Puka shells surrounding the area. At the Puka Beach, you’ll appreciate the beauty of nature because of its crystal clear water. You may take a dip when you arrive there. However, you really have to be careful in walking towards away from the shore because there are some parts that would become deep. I hope you get what I’m saying here. In addition, you could have your lunch there (buffet).

After going to the three places that I have mentioned, you could say that you really went to Boracay.

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