Is Liposuction an investment?

The last thing that I’d be asking my parents to buy is a Canon Powershot A75 which costs almost 19,000 pesos in the market. I told Mom about it and she said that I should give her why should she buy me one and how can I use it to earn money. She also said that it would introduce costs in photo paper, color ink, and all the other stuff. It’s like she has not been a photographer in her lifetime. She’s like a businesswoman speaking to a stranger. Sometimes, I would want to ask her the question, “Is liposuction an investment?” “How can you earn money from it?”

Of course, if you’re profession is an actor or actress, or perhaps a model, then I could say that it is an investment. It is because you use your overall physique to gain money. Can anyone please justify to me that a liposuction is needed in order to close all the business deals?

It is for a mere self-satisfaction. It’s vanity per se. And how much is liposuction? It’s worth a hundred grand. And you call liposuction a wise investment? Better think again.

But I cannot blame her, she earned that money, and worked hard for it. Thus, she has the license to do anything with her self-earned money.

And again, I hear the endless reproaching that she still gives me allowance and I hear no complaint from her. Reproaching is the least thing that I would do. Did I blame them for such experience for which I wish to keep to myself? I did not blame them for that.

They thought they know me well. Apparently, not at all.

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