INXS Back on Track

JD FortuneThis afternoon, when me and my brother were inside the car, we were able to listen to the new INXS on JAM 88.3. It was JD Fortune on vocals, singing the lyrics that he wrote because he didn’t like the way Marty and the rest was doing since the group was already in a panic mode in the hope of having to come up with something. And he sure did show off the song he wrote and did not care if they’ll get the prize to spend the weekend with INXS. What he cared about is that, “I’ll write a better song and boy it will really be a better one.” Yeah it should be a better one thinking that what JD did is a minus factor for him when it comes to attitude in collaborating with a group. Even though that what he did was a minus factor for him, his agressiveness landed him a career in the music industry.

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